March 27, 2017

HiKey Resources at DEVit

conference DEVit sponsorWhile the HiKey IT team works passionately on developing Time2L, it’s also present at the best knowledge expanding opportunities!



The DEVit Conference is going to take place at Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st of May 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece and HiKey is going to have a triple presence there.

At this point, you may wonder what this conference is all about.

What is the DEVit Conference?

DEVit is the leading web developer conference in South East Europe. It is organized once per year and attracts talented speakers, world-class and world-renowned developers, highly specialized technology niches and developers who are at the edge of the technology frontiers.

The attendees of the conference are mostly greatly passionate web developers, seeking to learn more about the most modern technology practices and techniques.

Whether it’s Frontend, UI/UX, Backend, DevOps or Mobile that one seeks, they will find it on DEVit.

DEVit proud to be A truly 360° conference! and we also truly believe so.

About Alexandros Vasileiou
Passionate about teamwork, I joined HiKey in August of 2016 with the promise that every day will be different than the other. This promise still holds strong!

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