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 Mobile Timesheets


Enter the mobile age and say goodbye to creating, signing, sending, correcting and filing paper timesheets.

With Time2L you submit, approve and authorise timesheets with the click of a button. All required information is readily available for you to make a mindful decision.

Just try out Time2L and convince yourself of our intuitive app and powerful admin portal!


 ERP Integration:

            Eliminate Data Entry


We integrate Time2L into your ERP or accounting/payroll system to maximise your efficiency gains.

Put an end to manual data entry and errors!

 Live Reporting


Working hours are recorded in real time and presented via a customisable dashboard and a wide range of LIVE reports such as utilisation rate, actual vs budgeted figures, employee reports, etc.

Know who works where and when on what job, anytime and anywhere.


 Smart Safety Alerts


Time2L is the only tool that allows you to incorporate your individual safety rules. For instance, rest periods between shifts or maximum working hours per day.

An alert will notify the worker, his supervisor and if necessary manager before breaching the rule!

With Time2L you manage the fatigue of your employees proactively!

   Complete Offline Functionality


Time2L is built using latest technology and is a real application, not just a website. Data is stored on the handheld device and is synchronised when you have mobile connection.

That means Time2L even works remotely and underground!

 Mobile Crew Management


Create crews, allocate them to a project or job, clock-in crew members and track their performance live. Add or delete team members simply via the admin portal or within the app.

Crew management made easy for Supervisors!

 Leave Management


Let your employees apply for any type of leave with one click of a button, traceable and archived for simple follow-up.

Manage annual leave applications with all information you need at your fingertips.

 Free Trial & Training


Contact us today and try out Time2L!

Convince yourself of the unique capabilities and see how much it will improve your operation and competitiveness.

Whilst Time2L is intuitive and designed to be used without major training requirements we will ensure you and your team are all ready to submit, approve and authorise!

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