Time2L’s Unique Features

Time2L Swipe

No smartphone or special hardware required. Employees Swipe in on supervisor’s smartphone

ERP Integration

Easily integratable into your current system

Live Reporting

Immediate reporting and system synchronisation

Smart Safety Alerts

Eliminate fatigue management risks of your workforce

Offline Functionality

Works in remote locations without mobile reception

Crew Management

Create, allocate and manage crews – simple and intuitive

Leave Management

Simple application for any type of leave

Integrate Allowances

Enter your rules for allowances like overtime, shifts, travel etc.

Why Time2L is the first choice for service in mining & construction, labour hire and farming

We make changing easy

Switching to Time2L

Changing to Time2L is simple. Upload your information from your existing database, even if it is only excel.

Integrate your current system

We integrate and connect to any system – no matter what ERP, payroll or accounting system you use.

Need a customised solution?

We tailor our system to your needs and ensure that your benefits are maximised.

Are you managing your resources or are they managing you?

We help our customers to maximise utilisation of labour and equipment and minimise administration cost.

Our digital solutions are tailored to field service within the resource, energy and construction industries and help to overcome the difficulties of managing resources at remote locations.

Be one step ahead of your competition – Exchange paper piles and manual data entry for HiKey’s paperless and efficient data management solution – Time2L!

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