Engineered and Designed in Australia…

…Made in Germany


About HiKey Resources:


Who is HiKey Resources?

We are an innovative Australian software company with Head Quarter in Sydney and IT-Hub in Germany. Whilst we conceptualise all our software in Australia, our experienced engineers in Germany develop our unique solutions. Check out our latest award as “One of the 25 most promising tech startups in 2016


What do we do?

HiKey Resources develops innovative and integrated, digital resource management solutions tailored to the requirements of project and field service companies operating in the mining, energy or construction industry.


How do we add value?

We increase operational efficiency by:
  • Automating manual processes through intuitive and integrated software
  • Providing live reporting on labour and contractor hours
  • Enhancing OH&S management through active fatigue management


Why starting HiKey?

In the many years we have been working in the mining and field service industry, we have been constantly exposed to the costly, often pen & paper reliant resource management processes around timesheets management, resource planning and invoicing. They are simply inefficient and limiting productivity.

With the industry wide drive to reduce cost and increase efficiency, we decided to found HiKey Resources with the vision to simplify and streamline these processes, increase productivity and reduce operating cost.

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HiKey Resources at DEVit

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